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Background Options

Welcome to the Background Options page!

Browse our Background Options to find the perfect one for your unique piece, with a wide variety to match your preferences – from subtle to vibrant.

Check out the categories and scroll through the images in each. You can click on any image to view it larger, or hover to see its name for easy reference.

The artist is happy to work with you to make sure the background for your unique

fur baby portrait fits your style and feels personalized for you. 

Whimsical Swirls_edited.jpg


These multicolored, playful, eccentric backgrounds are full of life

and radiant movement, perfect for adding a splash of vibrant colors to any room. Let your pet's personality shine with these dynamic and captivating background options!

Blended Rainbow


Starry Skies


Blurred Grass


Showcased above are the most requested, best-selling designs,

exemplifying the artist's signature styles.

Rest assured, each design will be tailored to complement your individual subject, ensuring a vibrant and visually appealing result, as the artist specializes in bringing out the subject's unique charm and personality through their work.

Implied Cross Hatching

Whimsical Swirls

Variating Blended

For the above designs,

choose two to four colors from our Pigments section. 

For an extra pastel effect, if requested, translucent white will be used

in addition to your color choices. 

Blended Rainbow
Starry Skies
Aubergine with Accent Line
Whimsical Swirls, Pink & Orange
Starry Skies
Desert Turquoise with Accent Line
Iridescent Metallic, Copper
Variating Blend, Teal & Cobalt
Implied Cross Hatching, Pastel 3-Tone
Bright Aqua with Accent Line
Blurred Grass, Bright
Bright Turquoise
Metallic Gold Brushstrokes


Explore our Pigments Section:

Discover a rich selection of colors and hues for an array of choices, 

allowing you to handpick the perfect one for your individualized preference!


Gray Pitty on Champange and Gold.jpg


Metallic Copper




Color Disclaimer

Please note that slight deviations in color hue &/or intensity, between our website and

the final product, can occur due to monitor settings and the organic nature of paint mixing.

Kindly understand that accurate color matching is not feasible under these conditions.

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